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Other Information

  • Park at LEFT side of building, in covered parking area
  • Please ONLY use the SIDE DOOR to come in-out of the office
  • If you have Orientation, you can use our conference room (remember to ask Dr. Athni for office Wi-Fi password).
  • You can also use our conference room to attend your weekly “Academic Day” and “Grand Rounds” meetings.
  • After completion of the webinar / meeting, you are expected to return to clinic.
  • Wear comfortable shoes


  • Bring your laptop, tablet, iPad, or cell phone with internet browsing capability (we have wifi in the office)
  • Please keep cell phone on “vibrate” mode
  • DO NOT use your device to play games or “shop” or socialize with your friends while in clinic
  • DO NOT use your cell phone or tablet in front of patients – this would be very rude, and disrespectful to the patient

Neuro Tools

  • The only tool you would need would be a neuro hammer, but do not buy one.
  • Most students & residents purchase the wrong type of hammer. I will show you which one to purchase.
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