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Educational Resources

On the NOCG Education portal, you will find some textbooks and educational resources for your use during the rotation. These include:

  • Blueprints Neurology 5e (2019) – most students feel this is the most inclusive “review” textbook
  • Essential Neurology 4e (Wilkinson)
  • Clinical neurology 9e (Aminoff)
  • Neurology Pretest 8e (Aqnschel)
  • Neurology Vignettes (Finseth)


  • During week 1 – Read Blueprints or Essentials cover-to-cover, but don’t attempt to memorize all the details
  • During week 2 – Re-read Blueprints or Essentials, but in more detail, and focusing on the topics we discuss during the rotation
  • During week 3 and 4 – Start doing sample test questions (Uworld, Pre-test, etc).  Target-read the difficult topics.

This week-by-week plan is only a suggestion.  Over the past few years, students who have followed this plan have been greatly surprised and rewarded with their high achievement on the end-of-rotation Shelf Exam.