Tab Page – Video Links for patients

YouTube Educational Videos

Dr. Athni has created educational videos hosted by YouTube, and have also been posted on this page for convenience.  The YouTube channel is called “NeuroEd – Neurology Education Made Easy.”

These videos are separated into various “playlists” – primarily based on “type of video” and suitable audience.  Each playlist is displayed separately on the various tabs on this page.

This list of videos will be slowly expanded over the next few weeks to months.  Subscribe to Dr. Athni’s Channel to view the latest videos.

If you have a specific topic that you want Dr. Athni to discuss, please let him know on your next office visit.

“The Brain Doc” – a Podcast series

Dr. Athni is in the process of creating a Podcast series entitled “The Brain Doc”. In the Podcast, Dr. Athni will interview various specialists, medical students, as well as discuss various medical topics.

You can find all the episodes on this website or on your favorite Podcast Player.

For Spotify, search “Brain Doc Athni”

For all other Podcast players, search “Brain Doc”.

If you find the podcast enjoyable and educational, please leave a positive review.  Thank you.