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Welcome To Our Office!

  • We offer the full breadth of neurological services, including Neurological Evaluations and Consultations, Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Records Review, Work Injury Evaluations, EMG/NCS, EEG interpretations, Cognitive Testing, and Autonomic Testing — all under one roof, in one convenient location, in North Macon.
  • We also offer the full range of treatment options for your neurological condition – including Therapeutic Botox and Infusion Therapy.
  • We also offer state of the art, “Hi-Tech” neurological treatment options, including Deep Brain Stimulation and Vagal Nerve Stimulation.
  • We are involved in clinical research trials. If you qualify for one of these trials, you may be eligible for research medications through our office.

  • Dr. Athni has multiple degrees in multiple disciplines.
  • Fully USA trained:  College –> Medical School –> Residency
  • Dr. Athni is Board Certified by the Am. Board of Neurology & Psychiatry.

  • If you are a new patient to our practice, please spend a few moments browsing the various pages published on this web site.
  • We would also encourage you to consider downloading a pre-registration packet, as well as reviewing our insurance and payment policy under the “Insurance Information” section.
  • If a service is not listed, please call our office and speak to our office manager
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