Tab Page – Financial Policies – Filing Insurance Claims

Filing Insurance Claims

What insurance claims do we file?

  • We will file all Primary insurance claims.

How do we file insurance claims?

  • If your insurance company is setup for electronic filing, we will file this claim electronically through our computer system.

When do we file the insurance claims?

  • Typically, we file your claim within 7 days after the office visit.

NOTE: Although we may file your claim, it is quite common for insurance companies to “lose” and “not process” the claims. They commonly state that they did “not receive” our claims.

  • Hence, it can sometimes take a few months for your claim to be processed properly.
  • If we have not received payment within 45 days, we will re-file your claim.

Do we file Secondary insurance claims?

  • Although we file all Primary insurance claims, we generally do NOT file Secondary insurance claims.
  • Some insurance companies will transfer your claim automatically to the Secondary carrier, in which case it will get processed without any further intervention.
  • Else, you will be required to submit the claim to your Secondary carrier after you receive the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your Primary insurance company.
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