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Work Injury – Worker’s Comp

General Work Injury Policies

  • We evaluate and treat a full range of work injuries.
  • We understand the full breadth of the rules and regulations set forth by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation (GA – SBWC).
  • Prior to each work-injury office visit, we will verify work-comp coverage and obtain a written authorization from the WC insurance adjustor.
  • Without a written authorization, we will NOT be able to continue treatment or evaluation.
  • If a certain medical symptom or injury or condition has been controverted by the employer or WC insurance company, we will NOT evaluate or discuss or treat that particular problem or issue.

Return to Work

  • We will make every attempt to return the injured employee back to work.
  • If the patient cannot be returned to work “full duty”, we will try to return them to “light duty” work, and prescribe restrictions or limitations.
  • If the patient has maximally recovered, we will delineate a disability rating using the AMA guidelines, and declare the patient as being at “MMI”.