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Tab Page – Students & Residents – Before rotation starts


  • Each day starts at 7:45 am — Please arrive on-time
  • If you have an Orientation Webinar, you can use our conference room (remember to ask me Dr. Athni for office WiFi password)
    • You can also use our conference room to attend your weekly “Academic Day” and “Grand Rounds” meetings
    • After completion of the webinar / meetings, you are expected to return to clinic
  • Please make sure you demonstrate proper time management and professionalism
  • Whether you are taking this rotation as an ELECTIVE or as part of your CORE — be prepared to be challenged.  This is not a “fluff” rotation.
  • Students will be working directly with Dr. Athni – no upper-level, intern, or resident.
  • This rotation is not physically challenging, but rather cognitively challenging.
  • Get a good nights rest – and be prepared to demonstrate your intellect.


  • Business casual attire or clean scrubs, with your white coat and name tag
  • NO visual tattoos – ALL tattoos MUST be covered with clothing (else you will be asked to leave the clinic)
  • NO exposed body piercings (this includes NO tongue rings, NO facial piercings, NO gauges, etc)

Things to Study – BEFORE Rotation Starts

Since you only have 3 to 4 weeks on the neurology rotation, I have found that most students / residents lose a lot of time trying to “re-learn” the fundamentals of neurology (information that should have been learned during basic sciences).

  • Review basic neuro-anatomy (cortical lobes, parts of brainstem, tracts within spinal cord, etc)
  • Review the sensory and motor pathways (which you learned during basic science lectures)
  • We will definitely review this information during the rotation.  But, without this basic knowledge, your experience in neurology will be limited and constrained.
  • SIDE NOTE:  Chapters 5 (Weakness) and chapter 6 (Sensory system) of Blueprints has a nice overview of the above information.  Pay special attention to how to properly “localize the lesion.”

Educational Videos – Watch BEFORE Rotation Starts

  • NeuroEd: Neurology Education Made Easy – Dr. Athni’s educational YouTube Channel
    • Dr. Athni has created a set of YouTube videos to educate students, residents and patients.
    • All students and residents rotating through our office are EXPECTED to watch the “How To Localize The Lesion” video series (i.e. NeuroAxis) BEFORE starting the rotation.  No excuses.  Without a clear understanding of the information provided in this video-series, you will find your first few days of neurology to be very painful!
    • Click here to view the NeuroAxis YouTube videos.


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