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Monthly Statements

When do we mail account statements?

  • We mail account statements only AFTER the insurance has paid their portion.
  • We will wait for payment from your insurance company before we send you a “Payment Due” bill. Sometimes, it may take up to 6 months (or longer) for us to receive the initial payment from your insurance company, so don’t be surprised if you receive a statement from us many months after services are rendered.
  • If your insurance does not pay us anything, you will receive a bill for the full amount.
  • We normally mail account statements once a month.

What if there is a zero balance?

  • If your insurance company pays “in-full”, and there is NO balance due, you will NOT receive a statement.

What if there is a “balance due” on your account?

  • If your insurance company only pays us a partial amount, and there is a remaining balance, we will send you a statement during the first week of the month following payment from the insurance company, and each month there-after until the balance is paid.

How many statements are mailed?

  • You will receive a total of 3 statements from our office before sending your account over to a Collections Agency.

What if NO payment is made towards an open balance?

  • If no payment is made towards your open balance after 3 monthly statements, your account will be sent to a local Collections Agency for further legal action.
  • A separate “collections fee” will also be assessed above and beyond your open balance to cover the cost of the collections process.

Methods of Payment

  • You may pay all or part of your open balance at any time. As long as there is an open balance, you will receive a monthly statement from our office. You may mail us your payment or stop by the office to pay.
  • We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex), or debit cards.
  • You may also pay on-line using our secure payment method powered by Pay-Pal.
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