Tab Page – Services Provided – Neurologic Consultations

Neurology Consultations

Out-patient, Office Consultations

  • Dr. Athni is available for detailed Neurologic Consultations in our office.
  • During your initial visit, we will do a detailed Neurologial history and physical exam.
  • If a firm diagnosis can be made during the initial visit, we will set forth a treatment plan.
  • If additional testing is necessary, we will delineate, schedule and follow thru with a diagnostic testing plan, after which a follow-up visit will be scheduled to discuss the results of the diagnostic tests.
  • After the results are discussed, we will set forth a treatment plan as medically appropriate.
  • Most diagnostic testing is done in “steps”, starting with the least invasive and slowly progressing to more invasive testing as the need arises.

In-patient, Hospital Consultations

  • We are affiliated with the Piedmont Hospital Health System
  • For in-patient evaluations, we expect you to be admitted by a Hospitalist, your Internist or your Family Practitioner
  • If a neurological problem arises which cannot be handled by your admitting physician, he or she will call the Neuro-Hospitalist for a formal hospital consultation