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DBS – Deep Brain Stimulation

What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

  • Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS, is a treatment option used for various types of Movement Disorders.
  • The procedure has been very successfully used in patients with Parkinson’s Disease or Essential Tremors.
  • The procedure is an “adjunct” to medications, not a full replacement for medications.

What is involved with DBS?

  • Dr. Athni will assess you and determine whether you are a good candidate for DBS.
  • If you medically qualify for the procedure, you will be referred to a Neurosurgeon for DBS implantation.
  • You are fully awake during the surgical procedure.
  • The Neurosurgeon will drill a small hole in your skull, and insert an “electrode” into your brain.
  • The Neurosurgeon will also implant a “power generator” in your chest.
  • You will then return to Dr. Athni for detailed “programming and management” of your DBS.

How is the DBS programmed?

  • After you have the DBS inmplanted, Dr. Athni will connect your “generator” to a hand held computer.
  • He will then program the leads in the brain to activate certain parts of the brain, in an attempt to reduce and control your movement disorder.
  • The full programming may take 3-4 months.
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