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eVOX – Quantitative EEG

What is it?

  • eVox uses quantitative EEG technology along with various brain health biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis of cognitive disorders.

What is a Head Map?

  • Computational EEG head maps are a visual representation of the difference in activity between a patient’s brain and a standardized database.

What are Brain Biomarkers?

  • Objective metrics derived from computational EEG data provide insight into how the brain is functioning. Peak Alpha Frequency (PAF) reflects cognitive capacity and physiological aging3,4. Theta/Beta Ratio reflects inattention and is FDA cleared to aid in the diagnosis of various cognitive disorders.

What is an Event Related Potential (ERP)?

  • ERPs measure brain processing speed and efficiency7. They are highly sensitive biomarkers that have been shown to reflect functional abnormalities even prior to symptom onset

What is a “Go-No-Go” Task?

  • Performance during a go/no-go task reflects a patient’s ability to perform daily tasks effectively. Reaction time, reaction time variability, omission errors, and commission errors give insight to cognitive status and behavioral functioning

How do you prepare for the eVox test?

  • For the test, PLEASE do the following:
    • wash your hair in the morning
    • NO hair spray, NO gel, NO mouse, NO oil
    • DO NOT style your hair: NO braids, NO ponytails
    • Wear a button down shirt or blouse
    • NO perfumes or body lotions (you MAY wear deodorant
  • The tech will remind you about your appointment and answer any questions you may during the test.


When will you get the results of the test?

  • After the completion of the test, Dr. Athni will review the recorded “brain waves” and the associated Brain Biomarkers, all of which will be put together in the form of a “report”.
  • This will be reviewed with you on your next office visit.
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