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Diagnostic Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Is the office “Accredited”?

  • Our office Ultrasound Lab is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR).
  • Such an accreditation implies that we meet a high standard of proficiency in performing these tests, by qualified and certified technicians.
  • Our office is the only Neurology office in Middle Georgia to be fully accredited by the ACR.

What is an “Ultrasound”?

  • An Ultrasound test is a non-invasive test used to visualize organs or blood flow inside the body.
  • There are no needles involved.
  • You will be fully awake and alert during the test.
  • Ultrasound tests are NOT painful.

How is an ultrasound test performed?

  • An “ultrasound probe” takes “real time” pictures of objects inside your body.
  • The probe is moved on the surface of your skin, over the part of the body we are trying to visualize. The other end of the probe is connected to a computer.
  • As the probe “sees” the objects inside your body, the computer records these images for later analysis.

Who performs the Ultrasound test?

  • Any ultrasound examination done in our office is performed by a Board Certified Ultrasonographer.
  • Our lead Ultrasonograher is Mike T, who has been performing ultrasound studies for over 15 years.

What is an Echocardiogram or Echo?

  • An Echocardiogram, also called an “Echo”, is an ultrasound test of your heart. It visualizes the beating heart, the pumping blood, and the valves inside your heart.

What is a Carotid Doppler study?

  • A Carotid Doppler study is to visualize the blood flow in the major blood vessels going to your brain, including the internal carotid arteries and the vertebral arteries.

Why is an Echo or Carotid Doppler study ordered?

  • An Echo and Carotid Doppler tests are typically ordered as part of a “stroke work up”, looking for various causes for strokes.
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